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Resources and coaching for Nursing School and NCLEX Success.

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Feel confident and prepared with tools and coaching to think link a nurse and pass the NCLEX.

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Nursing School Success

Learn to think like a nurse and improve your learning, test scores and skill application with our practical, holistic tools and coaching.

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NCLEX Success

Overcome your NCLEX concerns with expert coaching and preparation. We’ll evaluate your readiness and create a plan to pass the test.

Nursing School Success

Faculty Development

Enhance your nursing program, help students pass the NCLEX, and increase your program outcomes with curriculum consultations and faculty development.

Success begins with learning how to think like a nurse.


  • I didn’t pass NCLEX and had the maximum number of questions. I could not have figured out on my own what to do. Dr. Cheryl taught me how to prepare and on my second attempt, I passed with the minimum number of questions. I could not have done it without her.
    Adam M.
  • My practice tests showed that I wasn’t ready and didn’t know what to do to get better. Dr. Thompson coached me and helped me to see exactly what I needed to do to pass. And it worked! I’m an RN!
    Alex R.
  • I wasn’t your typical new graduate who didn’t pass NCLEX. I inadvertently let my license lapse and had to take NCLEX to get relicensed in my State. Dr. Thompson coached me using the methods outlined in this book. It worked so well, many years after finishing nursing school, I passed NCLEX to get relicensed.
    Susan B.
  • I did not pass NCLEX on my first attempt. I had been confident that I was ready. Thankfully I heard of Dr. Thompson and reached out to her for coaching. She helped me see exactly where I had fallen short, and I passed on my next attempt.
    John L.
  • I didn’t pass NCLEX and purchased Overcoming NCLEX Failure: A Guide to Retest Success. I didn’t need to use everything that was in the book. I didn’t have major knowledge gaps but I learned how to use QBanks to practice and also how to address my test anxiety. The methods worked. I passed.
    Jimmy D.
Help your future nurse succeed in Nursing School and pass the NCLEX.
Overcoming NCLEX Failure
Your step-by-step guide to pass the NCLEX in one book.
Whether it’s your first test or a retake, don’t get left behind! Buy the book today!
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NCLEX Coach Cheryl Thompson, DNP,RN


Founder, Cheryl Thompson, DNP,RN, has been a nurse educator for more than 30 years. She is dedicated to advancing nursing education, focusing on helping at-risk students thrive. She empowers nursing students who face challenges, especially in test taking and NCLEX preparation.


Cheryl also provides nursing school faculty development programs. Her programs are tailored to assist nursing schools in creating and implementing innovative teaching strategies that foster student success and meet the needs of all students.