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Why do my coaching clients do so well? It is because they are FULLY PREPARED for their next NCLEX attempt. Together we will create a curated program to help you succeed.

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Cheryl Thompson


I have spent over 10 years coaching for NCLEX success.

I began my nursing career in a medical surgical ICU, then moved into home health and hospice nursing before joining the faculty at York College of Pennsylvania where I taught nursing for 25 years.

I witnessed many students who were great in clinical struggle with test taking and with NCLEX. I saw students doing the same things over and over again, working so hard to do better and still struggling. I knew I could help and that is why I started NCLEXRx.

I have coached nursing students who were struggling to pass nursing courses, nursing school graduates who knew they weren’t ready for NCLEX, and nursing school graduates who failed the NCLEX. I have coached clients who have failed more than once (one failed 5 times before coming to me!)

I’ve now coached over 100 nursing school graduates, and my overall success rate is 97%. I help my clients identify exactly what they need, develop a realistic NCLEX prep schedule, use study skills and resources that are right for them, and fix test taking strategies that impact success.

I also do consulting; helping schools of nursing improve their teaching so that their graduates are more likely to pass NCLEX.

I can support you in passing the NCLEX. Together we will
create a curated program to help you succeed.”